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From Big Picture to Granular Compliance.


With #9 Design / La Mancha Construction you get: 

  • Large scale site planning concepts to create neighborhoods;

  • Optimal placement of structures and spaces;

  • Highly detailed specialty insights on ADA compliance;

  • Thorough knowledge of building structural systems and typologies.


Each and every project benefits from the personal involvement of our firm principals, plus specialty team members.

That means superior quality control that eliminates surprises (we hate those too).

Full Architectural / General Contracting Services


Pre Design:


Physical Needs Assessments (existing buildings)

Site analysis and land planning

Pre-design/feasibility studies

Zoning and code studies of existing or proposed facilities

Zoning and City Council Presentations

Programming and preliminary space planning

Schematic Drawings

Definition of project scope, budget and schedule

Cost estimating based on real / current labor and material costs

Meeting minutes

Interior design and space planning.

Criteria development:  Site work, MEP, Fire protection, Structures, ADA

Color perspective rendering.


Design Development:



Design drawings:

Structural                 Architectural

Plumbing                  HVAC

Electrical                   Landscaping

Site Lighting             Civil Engineering

Construction Documents / Permit Drawings:


Comprehensive code analysis

Analysis for compliance with funding resource requirements

ADA/IAC analysis

Material data analysis

Shop drawing review

Quality control / drawing consistency


Construction Management / General Contracting:


Bidding and contract negotiation

Management of trades / subcontractors

Construction observation

Contract payment disbursement

Project closeout


Condition survey / physical needs assessments:


Existing building system analysis

Cost estimating for assessed condition / recommended repairs / replacements

As-built survey (CAD)

ADA interior and/or exterior compliance analysis

WBE / FBE Certifications:

#9 Design, LLC

WBDC Certified WBE

Illinois CMS Certified FBE 

La Mancha Construction, LLC

Cook County Certified WBE

Illinois CMS Certified FBE 

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